Your Imagination makes your reality

Hi:) it’s Kairi!(it’s been a while…again cuz honestly I have nothing to write down on this page🤭💦)

anyway, hope you’re doing so well.

and this time, I’ll share my opinion which I realized recently…yeah just the title

that was kinda several weeks ago. I found a great choreographer at a dance studio where I DONT go to.
And he’s teaching Vogueing that I’ve got into. Suddenly I thought I need to take his class cuz he has so much details, techniques, and so on. Unfortunately he doesn’t teach at the dance studio where I usually go to at the time.
however! Last week I got a news which says he’s going to teach the dance studio I often go to! …wow how lucky I am:))

and I think it’ll make sense among any kinds of words!i mean, if you say ‘I WILL do that’ then it’ll come true.
on the other hand, when you say something negative, the situation will be getting worse.

so I think we should care about what we’re usually saying it imagining.
cuz it’s always related to our direct lives.

that’s all. 🤣I guess I wrote it too much. Oh well.
so plz take care and have a great week y’all!




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