hi:) it’s been a while 😂

honestly I was kinda depressed these days, especially last week until yesterday🤫, so that I wasn’t willing to write a blog last week.
(you know, our lives are always gonna have another mountains, and another and another…sometimes you could be disappointed, right!?lol)

oh, but don’t worry about me at all. I’m doing good today.
Because I purified myself✨

I went to a shrine in Enoshima in order to pray to the god for my luck, happiness and so on. ⛩
also,I went to a power-stones shop which seems so gorgeous that it has a big, strong good power and energy.
then I purchased a bracelet.
What is more,I got a lot of knowledge about power-stones and wavelike motion through conversation with the staff. And I could feel relaxed and releasing stress.

What a great weekend it was🥰




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